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Too Many Cars, Not Enough Spaces

When working with a typical city lot that allows for a two-car garage, the third car, the project car that your husband Bill has been restoring for, oh, 12 years now takes the place of a daily driver in the garage.

When it snows you have to scrape the windshield, when it’s hot you have to lay a towel on the black leather so you don’t burn your legs, all the while resentment for that project car grows as it’s all snugly tucked into the garage.


Put in a tandem garage. It’s another garage bay placed behind the current two-car garage, like this:

This way you both get to have your cars in the convenience of the garage, and ‘Glenda’ (what a weird car name, but hey, Bill named her) gets a spot too.

Bonus? If you put in some doors to the rear yard, that space can double as storage for your patio cushions, that floating swan for the pool, and outdoor toys for the kids.

It’s a win-win.