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Pantry to keep your Sanity

Raise your hand if you love a kitchen neat, tidy, and free from clutter? Is your hand raised? Of course it is, who says they like a messy kitchen?

A walk in pantry is going to be your best friend.

When designing a house, make sure your pantry is large enough to have counter space. Boom, you just moved all your everyday counter top appliances into the pantry and out of the main kitchen.

In the cabinets below the counter, store all the once-and-a-while small appliances and the extra large pots that only get used when making a party-sized amount of chili. Now your main cabinets aren’t looking cluttered with layers of kitchen tools.

What about the extra large pack of paper towels? Easy, put it in the pantry.

All the shelving above the lower cabinets will be your food storage, making everything you have easily visible. No more food waste.

Add a window for natural lighting and you’ve completed what will be one of the favourite rooms in your house.