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Here I share the projects that I am currently working on, or that have been newly released to the wild...or for permit, but saying I released them to the wild is much more fun.

French Elegance

You know what’s great about this home’s curb appeal?

drafted front elevation of a french chateau home

The way that it could fit in amongst the trees of a country lot, or within the formality of a city property.

Truly a flexible facade!

Cozy Porches

Ugh, can all houses just come standard with a screened-in porch already?

Watching storms roll in, taking a weekend summer nap, bundling up in a bajillion blankets and hanging out while the snow falls in slow-motion, all without spiders or mosquitoes. That is living the dream right there!

blueprint of a screened-in porch coming off the master bedroom and breakfast room

Home in the Woods

This two-storey is on a fantastic property nestled in the trees with a creek trickling nearby.

blueprint front view of a two storey craftsman home

We designed a home that looked woodsy with timbers and shakes. And that chimney? It’s actually for a wood-burning fireplace!

The coziness is at a maximum in this home!

Details, Details

The wow factor in any home is in the details.

Take this home for example:

If you take away the huge flared columns on the front porch, the flared roof, the nested gable, the boxed out second-storey windows, and the mouldings up in each peak, what do you have left?

Always think about the details in your home. They are what set it apart.

Secondary Entrance

What do you do when you want to keep your front door a formal entry (read: no kids backpacks thrown haphazardly, no piles of unused shoes littering the floor), but you don’t want the only other access filtering through the garage?

A second entry!

I also call these friend and family entries because those folks don’t need you to put on a front like your house is clean all the time. The mudroom is spacious, they have a place to toss their coats and shoes, and they probably already know the key code to get in.

The secondary entrance also serves as a spot to let the dog out (maybe add in a dog wash for those dogs that will just jump into ditch water any chance they get).

I can’t spew enough love for the secondary entrances!

Imitation Flattery

These homeowners loved the 2020 London Dream Home, but had a skinnier lot to work with.

We duplicated the steep peaks, and the covered porch overhang, while adding a few tweaks of our own (those windows over the garage doors will bring in lots of light!).

Open Privacy

Sounds like a contradiction, I know. How can something be open, yet private?

Let’s take a look at this master ensuite:

The glass walls of the shower make the room feel open and airy, and allow the light from the window travel through.

Ok, so what about the privacy?

Tucking that toilet into a little cubby keeps the area open, but you don’t feel on display to your entire backyard when you don’t have time to close the blinds during your mad dash to the toilet after finishing your comically large drink from the movies on the drive home. All you need to do is frost that little window beside the toilet to keep the light, but stop peering eyes from coming through.

Bonus? The wall that wraps around the toilet creates a perfect space to hang your towels beside the shower!

End the Debate

When selecting your exterior colours, it can be very helpful to see your selections on your home, especially if you have a handful of short-listed materials that you are unsure which way to go.

Renderings are the ticket. Even if you want to just choose between a white garage door or a black one, it helps to see both options right in front of your face rather than letting your imagination make the picture for you.

This builder decided to have pre-selected colour packages for each home plan in their portfolio. They had renderings made of each package so the client can easily select their favourite. This is the selection palette for one of their home styles:

Makes it easy to choose!

Transitional Two-Storey

We brought a fresh outlook on traditional shapes to this two-storey beauty. A mix of materials (the mix of asphalt roofing and metal roofing always lights me up!) and the curve over the entrance entices you in!

Stairwell Windows

If you recall this post where I talk about bringing light into the middle of your home, this is how the second floor lays out:

The windows that are within the cut-out light up the stairwell so the upper hallway so it doesn’t feel so closed in. Even when you sneak down the stairs in the middle of the night to dive into your secret cookie stash so your kids don’t see, the moon will light your way. Who doesn’t like eating cookies by the moonlight in the silence of the night?