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Here I share the projects that I am currently working on, or that have been newly released to the wild...or for permit, but saying I released them to the wild is much more fun.

Garage Storage to the Maximum!

A three car garage obviously works perfect for those of you with car triplets, but if you only have two cars? The third bay can serve to hold all of your bikes, lawnmower, kayaks, and extra equipment that you don’t want to store in the house.

Stand Out

Sometimes all it takes to stand out in a subdivision is in the details, like a huge front window, thicker than standard roof fascia boards, and angled roof tails.

Advertising with Renderings

Here is a great example how renderings can show potential clients just what they are getting for their hard-earned cash.

New Development

Renderings are a great tool to create some buzz about your new development. Get one (or more) to put on signs to show what’s to come!

Rendering to Reality

Seeing my designs go from plan to rendering to real life is one of my favourite things (cue Sound of Music singing and dancing).

I love the fresh look of this home, and the mix of textures in the exterior materials.

Here is the rendering a little closer up:

You can see a couple minor changes were made from rendering to reality (but that’s the benefit of seeing the rendering before you plunk down big bucks in the final product!)

Curb Appeal in a Small Package

I originally designed this home for my dad who wanted to have lots of style in a smaller home (without giving up the comforts he’s become accustomed to).

He was able to have everything he needed on one floor, so he didn’t have to go up and down stairs unless he wanted to.

Character at Home

This couple with an artistic vision wanted to see their home with high ceilings and tall windows, so that’s what we did!

A Glimpse into the Future

When you’re building a pool house but you want to see how it’s going to tie in with your current house and property? You get a rendering, of course!

Separated but Together

You know what I love about this ensuite and walk-in closet set up? The fact that you don’t have to go through one room to get to the next, yet they are still connected. You can close the door that accesses both rooms if your other half is still sleeping in the other room so you can get ready without disturbing them.

A Different Kind of Modern Farmhouse

This home takes it style cues from a traditional farm building. The kind that takes a building that has history, with huge exposed wood beams and lots of ceiling height, and makes it into a family home.