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Here I share the projects that I am currently working on, or that have been newly released to the wild...or for permit, but saying I released them to the wild is much more fun.

Traditional Facade

If you’re looking to make your home have a classic feel, try bringing stone into the mix, and instead of making a stone skirt or stopping the stone at the second floor joists, bring that stone all the way up to the base of your second floor windows. It anchors the main floor and looks like a home that has been around for many years.

Light or Dark Wood Beams

The simple difference of dark wood or light wood can completely transform the look of your home.

Which of these timber colours would you choose?

Dining Room Wine Nook

Looking to take your dining room up a notch?

Add a wine display!

The glass walls, the lighting, and the bottles on display all add a classy ambiance to your dining room.

We created this intimate nook for the wine area that made it a mysterious tucked-away area that beckons your guests to explore further. Add some faux stone on the entire area to imitate a cave!

Transitional Two Storey Home

A classic shape mixed with more trendy or modern materials puts a home in the ‘transitional’ category.

Like this home, which could have been all brick or all stone, but instead chooses to bring in board and batten and some timber elements:

Multiple Access Powder Room

When placing a powder room in your floor plan, a few key points should be kept top of mind:

  • avoid placing it near where guests would gather (dining room, great room)
  • privacy should be considered (have the access tucked away rather than opening into the room), and
  • consider access for both the homeowners and the guests

Take this location for example:

The powder room is down a hallway for privacy, it is away from the great room and dining room (you’ll have to take my word on that), and it provides access for the homeowners coming in from the garage and guests that need to use it after driving a long time for a visit.

Craftsman Influenced Ranch

Craftsman is one of those styles of homes that transcends time. The warmth of the wood accents, the grounded earth tone colours, and the sturdiness of a chunky stone all contribute to a home that feels warm and welcoming.

Dark and Moody Facade

Colours can change the way a home feels. Take this home for example:

The light colours feel fresh, clean, bright.

But change the siding to a dark colour and a brick that’s more of a supporting role rather than a feature?

Boom. Dark and moody.

Which colour combination are you going for on your next house?

Spice Kitchens

If you cook a lot of fragrant foods, you may want to consider a spice kitchen. Typically directly connected to the kitchen, a spice kitchen can double as your pantry storage as well. A spice kitchen also gives you an extra oven for those large family meals where one oven just doesn’t cut it, or an extra fridge or freezer for even more food storage.

This homeowner opted to use the spice kitchen as their main path to an outside BBQ area as well!

All Stone Facade

Stone is one of those materials that makes the house look strong and sturdy. It’s why all banks are done in stone. Nobody wants to put their money in a building that looks like it’ll blow away with the wind.

If an all stone home is within your budget, I’d say go for it!

Earthy Elements

Something that never goes out of style is an earthy element to your home.

What does that even mean?

Well, it could be colours that you’d find in nature: browns, greens, taupes.

Or it could be with a material like wood. Wood goes through it’s cycles of stain colours, but the base material stays the same.

This home brought in an earthy element with the garage door and front door.

What earthy element would you use in your home?