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Here I share the projects that I am currently working on, or that have been newly released to the wild...or for permit, but saying I released them to the wild is much more fun.

Charming One-Floor

It’s amazing how much larger your house can look with a side-load garage.

See the left two windows in this house? They are actually in the 2-car attached garage.

If you have the opportunity to make your garage side-load, I say go for it!

Traditional Home

A traditionally-styled home ensures that the curb appeal stays relevant for a long time.

The Great Debate

There’s been a bit of a trend these days to have the master bedroom ensuite and walk-in closet directly connected. As in, you have to go through one to get to another.

Here’s why that grinds my gears:

If you have the closet only accessible from the ensuite, if someone is in the bathroom dropping a doozy in the toity, you can’t even go in to grab a sweater…unless you have the kind of relationship where privacy while deucing isn’t a requirement.

I’m firmly in the camp of having a small landing/hallway that leads you to both rooms separately.

Like this:

This way you don’t have too many doors using up wall space in your bedroom, and the ensuite and walk-in closet are still close to each other for easy access.

It’s a win-win!

Sleek Farmhouse

The mix of stone and siding in this house makes it look like a home that has been there forever and has undergone some renovations over the years as the family needs changed. Isn’t it charming?

Contemporary Two Storey

This home combines contemporary and prairie style, with it’s low slope roof, glass garage doors, and window layout.

Compact Bedroom Layout

This is one of the most functional bedroom layouts for a compact area.


  1. None of the doors hit each other because of the location of the linen closet,
  2. The wall opposite the closets and entry door would have the bed and end tables, leaving a distinct walking area in the room,
  3. The closets provide a sound buffer between the rooms.

When thinking about your bedrooms, be sure to consider the furniture you want, the space you need around the furniture for access, and where windows would be placed.

French Country

There’s one word to describe my favourite style of home:


This house could have been built years ago or today, there isn’t a trendy idea that dates it.

Country Craftsman

This downsizing couple wanted to keep style in their farmhouse without too much floor area (which needs cleaning and maintenance!). We created this craftsman-inspired home with carport to suit all of their needs.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

Covered porches are amazing. It’s a place to get out of the sun on a hot day, and a place to enjoy a summer thunderstorm without getting wet.

This family really blurred the line of indoor/outdoor living by adding a barbeque area and huge sliding glass doors. With the doors open they can move freely between the indoor and outdoor areas and enjoy all aspects of their home.

Mudroom Madness

One of the most used rooms in the house is the mudroom. Everyone piles in that room after hockey practice, tosses off their shoes and coats, and then barrels into the house.

So how do we make the most of this room?

Most importantly, it needs to be big enough. We need to make sure that everyone in your family can fit in there at the same time.

We also need storage. For boots, coats, backpacks, winter mittens and hats. We can do this with enclosed closets, and with hooks for easy hanging.

Then we’ll need to ask ourselves some questions on how we are going to use that room. Questions such as:

Do you want direct access from the mudroom to your pantry or kitchen for easy grocery unloading?

Do you need a drop zone for keys, purses, wallets, a charging station for phones?

Do you want a place to hang the family calendar that keeps track of all activities?

Do you want a spot for a desk for sewing, homework, or crafts?

Do you want a dog wash?

Do you want a door directly to the outside from this room, so that dog doesn’t have to go through the house after getting muddy in the backyard?

Do you want a laundry team in this room or is that to be located elsewhere in the home?

A mudroom is becoming more of a multi-purpose room these days. Asking yourself exactly how you expect that room to perform for you is the best way to get the most out of it.