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Here I share the projects that I am currently working on, or that have been newly released to the wild...or for permit, but saying I released them to the wild is much more fun.

Trim is the Cherry on Top

Trim adds so much character and pizazz to a home.

Add thick bands around windows, under your soffit, and on exterior corners to add that little somethin’-somethin’ to your home’s curb appeal.

Easy Access Laundry

The connection between a laundry room and a closet is quickly becoming a popular choice.

It just makes sense, right? That’s where the clothes are.

Having that connection allows you to have your hampers either in your closet or in your laundry room. Then when your laundry is finished and folded, it is easily put away in the adjoining closet. Or, if we’re being honest, the laundry room just becomes an extension of your closet so when you don’t put away the clean clothes immediately, they are still easily accessible.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for making everyday life’s chores easier!

Material Blocking

One of the characteristics of contemporary design is material blocking. Just like colour blocking, material blocking takes masses of the building and makes them one material and colour.

Take this house for example:

Everywhere there is horizontal siding would be one colour, everywhere there is stone would be another, and the stucco would be a third colour. It all adds up to in interesting facade while being cohesive.

It’s almost like building with lego all over again!

Cohesive Spaces

When rooms fit together just right, it’s like putting the final piece in a ten thousand piece puzzle.

Check out the way this great room and kitchen relate:

I love the ceiling detail that ties the rooms together and the central line through both spaces that perfectly aligns the fireplace, kitchen sink, and stove. Couple that with the abundance of natural light and this is going to be a space you spend almost all your time in.

Modern French Chateau

What do you get when you mix the classiness of the French chateau with the sleekness of modern architecture?

You get a home with dramatic peaks and stately stone, while keeping the sleekness of minimal roof overhangs and to-the-floor windows.

Opposites Attract

Choosing colours that are contrasting but complimentary take your curb appeal up a notch. Those splashes of dark on a light background make the eyes dart around the face of your house to look at all the features!

rendering of white brick with charcoal siding

A Shower Built for Two

There are few things more luxurious than having your own space in the shower. Where only your loofah hangs, and only your shampoos and shower gels get to be on the shelf.

I mean, you’re already sharing the rest of the house with your significant other, how about a pamper space just for you?

plan view of a large ensuite with two person shower and toilet behind a frosted glass partition

This ensuite takes it up a notch and gives each person their own shower, their own sink, and their own linen storage. Ten foot tall ceilings, a separate toilet area (with frosted glass for privacy, but still allowing light to travel), and a large soaker tub complete the room. Add a chandelier over the tub and you have a bathroom fit for that silk robe with fur edging that you have hanging in the closet.

Peaceful Porch

Occasionally we get a request for a rendering of the rear of a client’s home. How rooflines look, ceilings slope, and windows align can be tough to decipher in blueprint form.

Always happy to show them how it’ll look!

Easy Access Pantry

Let’s be honest, we’ve all spent an embarrassing amount of time in the pantry. I mean, sometimes you’re in there because you should be: getting food for actual meals.

But the majority of the time? Searching for snacks.

Even though you were in there just five minutes ago and there were no snacks that appealed to you then. Your standards have lowered now, and you’re now just grabbing whatever is even remotely edible in its unprepared state.

Now you have easier access than ever:

You can get in there as soon as you get home from work (or from getting groceries).

You can slide in there from the kitchen.

Or you can sneak in there while hanging out with your friends on the covered deck to grab extra bags of chips.

Just think of how many times you can check the snack status of your pantry!

Impressive Curb Appeal

What is it about windows that make a house look so grand? The bigger, the better definitely applies here!