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Here I share the projects that I am currently working on, or that have been newly released to the wild...or for permit, but saying I released them to the wild is much more fun.

Spice Kitchens

If you cook a lot of fragrant foods, you may want to consider a spice kitchen. Typically directly connected to the kitchen, a spice kitchen can double as your pantry storage as well. A spice kitchen also gives you an extra oven for those large family meals where one oven just doesn’t cut it, or an extra fridge or freezer for even more food storage.

This homeowner opted to use the spice kitchen as their main path to an outside BBQ area as well!

All Stone Facade

Stone is one of those materials that makes the house look strong and sturdy. It’s why all banks are done in stone. Nobody wants to put their money in a building that looks like it’ll blow away with the wind.

If an all stone home is within your budget, I’d say go for it!

Earthy Elements

Something that never goes out of style is an earthy element to your home.

What does that even mean?

Well, it could be colours that you’d find in nature: browns, greens, taupes.

Or it could be with a material like wood. Wood goes through it’s cycles of stain colours, but the base material stays the same.

This home brought in an earthy element with the garage door and front door.

What earthy element would you use in your home?

Get Dressed

Elevate your morning routine with a dressing room.

A dresser island in the middle allows for laying out your outfit or displaying your watches and jewelry under a glass top.

This homeowner opted for a vanity, but you could also use that nook for a full length mirror to check your outfit for any stray dryer sheets before heading out the door.

Bringing Traditional Facades Forward

I love when new homes look like they could have been built way in the past.

The traditional form will allow your home to age gracefully, whereas a look that is on trend at-the-moment is going to allow passerby’s to put a date on when your home was built.

Playing with Materials

The mix of materials on your home can add an abundance of interest to your facade. Take this home for example:

The dark strip of stucco just under the roof gives the illusion that the roof is floating.

The inset strips of wood on the columns adds a vertical line to draw your eye up.

The stone give anchor points to what would otherwise just look like a box.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Pets are Family Too

When designing a new home, you have the chance to give your pets their own space too. That can be a spot for built-in dishes, or a place to give them a bath.

This family wanted to give their cat its own room, complete with window for bird watching. We added cat-sized accesses but kept a human-sized door as well for easy cleaning.

What would you do to integrate your pets into your new home?

Cottage Farmhouse

There is nothing cozier than a home with wraparound porches. Add some colourful flowers in the flower boxes under the windows and you’ve nailed the warm-and-fuzzy feeling that cottage farmhouse brings.

Dark and Moody Exterior

Is your eye drawn to the dark and moody exterior colours?

Well then feast your eyes on this home that nails that ambience without tipping over into the ‘scary and haunted’ category. It’s a fine line.

Keeping Things Clean

An outside entrance directly to the laundry room is the bees-knees to someone who gets dirty outside.

Side note: are bees knees really that awesome. I’ve never seen them, have you? Why are they the descriptor of something great?

Anyway, you can slide into the mudroom and put your dirty clothes directly in the washing machine. In this case the walk-in closet is directly attached for your fresh set of clothes!

Or you can also use the door to bring wet laundry out to dry on the line.