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Here I share the projects that I am currently working on, or that have been newly released to the wild...or for permit, but saying I released them to the wild is much more fun.

Impressive Curb Appeal

What is it about windows that make a house look so grand? The bigger, the better definitely applies here!

All Level Access

Picture this:

You’re hosting a hockey party (all watching, no playing, but everyone cloaked in jerseys of course). A ridiculous amount of people are expected to come over, but your kids do still need to hit their 8pm bedtime.

Check this out:

Everyone coming over can use the secondary outdoor access to the basement, where you can have the bar all set up with drinks and nachos (obviously). Then, when everyone is heading home for the night they sneak out the door (hopefully quietly), and your kids stay asleep on the second floor.

Bonus points? You don’t even need to clean up right away. Just leave the mess downstairs for the night and tackle it the next day; it’s not even in your way for the morning getting-ready-for-work tornado.

Classic Front View

I’ve said this about fifteen gajillion times: there is something about classic homes that make my heart sing.

Like this one for example:

Can you imagine the hanging ferns in the covered deck, and the welcome mat at the door? I bet it smells like freshly baked cookies inside.

And that round window up top? The charm is oozing!

Open Kitchen

The kitchen is where everyone gathers when you have company over. Of course, that’s where the snacks are!

Kitchens are becoming more open these days rather than tucked in a corner to be functional and that’s it.

Check out this kitchen’s layout:

Here’s what I love about it:

  • The stove faces the great room. Now that there are pop up vents, you no longer have to face a wall while cooking
  • The built-in table allows people to sit with you while you cook, or gives an informal area to eat breakfast without needing a separate room
  • Easy access to the rear porch for BBQ’ing
  • The pantry creates a visual buffer from the kitchen to the formal dining room; go ahead and leave the cooking tornado until after everyone is gone without having to stare at while holding conversation!

European Inspiration

This one-storey home takes a cue from European homes with the steep peaks and simple lines, creating a home that’s anything but boring.

Impressive Entry

The entry of your home doesn’t have to be two storeys to be impressive.

Adding ceiling details and large chunky columns can make your home’s entry raise the bar. This plan made multiple tray ceilings creating a grid pattern which could be left drywalled or be finished with wood up in those trays for extra warmth.

This homeowner is also a bit of a car enthusiast, so the addition of the windows to see directly into the garage was a bonus feature. Now he can show off his cars up on a lift to any guests coming over, without having to go into the garage.

You’ll Find Me in the Sun

Are you like a cat that likes to lay in the sun and keeps readjusting every time the sun shifts over?

You’re not alone.

The amount of light that is going to come streaming into this home is going to be amazing!

Closet Envy

This home has the closet and ensuite of my dreams. A curbless entry shower, private toilet room, and a closet that goes on for days!

That dresser island is to die for!

blueprint layout of a master bathroom connected with closet

Modern Elevation

drafting view of a modern home front facade

Modern homes are about the lines and massing blocks, and this home is no different.

The low slope roof will almost disappear in real-life view leaving the band of roof line capping off the top.

Materials are carefully placed so they are in large massing groups to differentiate between parts of the building.

The fun thing about modern is that the traditional rules are meant to be broken!

Colour Juxtaposition

Mixing materials is my jam. You can create texture, highlight certain areas of your home or push other areas to the background.

You could also obtain the same effect by mixing colours.

This house is a bit of both:

The darker portion of the second floor masks it and allows the main peak to be the star. Adding in the wood columns on the porch gives the house warmth and another deep, rich colour to play off of the other elements.