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Here I share the projects that I am currently working on, or that have been newly released to the wild...or for permit, but saying I released them to the wild is much more fun.

A Plethora of Options

Indecision can be quite stressful when deciding how the exterior of your house is going to look. I mean, there’s a cornucopia (side note: isn’t cornucopia a great word?) of options that you can choose from, which ones should you choose?

If you’re frozen with the overwhelming decision, how about getting a rendering to help you decide?

This homeowner was faced with similar bricks at different price points, and although I still recommend seeing the material in person on a full scale project (not just a sample board), we came up with these combinations to help them decide.

Some have very subtle differences, and some made big changes. After driving around to look at full scale projects of her favourites, she was able to make her final choices.

No more waking up sweaty because of the stress of too many options!

Craftsman with a Traditional Flare

If you’re looking for a house that is going to stand the test of time, this is your knight in shining armour.

A seamless mix of traditional and craftsman, this home has flared roof tails, wood accents, lots of stone, and a hint of fishscale siding.

Tuscan-Style Home

Tuscan-style homes have always been interesting. The highly textured stone combined with the smooth stucco, the archways, the repetitive windows, all work together to create a facade that causes your eye to jump around unveiling all the little details.

I love the combination of the large chunky elements (like this front entry) and the fine details (like the iron railing on the balcony).

When you’re designing your own home. Think about how you can draw your eye over the entirety of your facade with tiny details. They all add up to make a big impact.

Compact Space Planning

How cool is this built-in table in the breakfast area? It creates an informal space for everyday eating (or snacking!) without having to purchase another piece of furniture.

See Your House in Colour

Do you have a hard time visualizing your home with only the blueprints?

We can create a 3D rendering to show you your future home in colour!

Get a better sense of the jigs and jogs of your facade, and how tall the roof is really going to look from the street.

Good news is, you don’t have to have us create your blueprints in order to take advantage of this service! If you’ve obtained your blueprints elsewhere, just send us the CAD file or PDF drawings with your desired colour palette and we can draw it up for you!

Here’s an example of a house that wasn’t designed in our office, but the homeowner wanted to see how it was going to look:

Send us an email with your project to discuss!

Transitional Ranch

This home combines traditional looks with more modern conveniences such as an extra-large garage and large room sizes.

Can kids share a bathroom?

That’s a great question. One I can’t answer without sounding completely out of touch seeing as I don’t have kids.

What I can do is show you a layout for a bathroom that the kids share. They each get their own sink, and there is still privacy in the toilet area in case one absolutely can not wait for the other to finish using the bathroom before needing to brush their teeth…or wash their hands…or floss (see? I have no idea what kids do).

I hope this layout gives you some inspiration for your future dream home!

Charming One-Floor

It’s amazing how much larger your house can look with a side-load garage.

See the left two windows in this house? They are actually in the 2-car attached garage.

If you have the opportunity to make your garage side-load, I say go for it!

Traditional Home

A traditionally-styled home ensures that the curb appeal stays relevant for a long time.

The Great Debate

There’s been a bit of a trend these days to have the master bedroom ensuite and walk-in closet directly connected. As in, you have to go through one to get to another.

Here’s why that grinds my gears:

If you have the closet only accessible from the ensuite, if someone is in the bathroom dropping a doozy in the toity, you can’t even go in to grab a sweater…unless you have the kind of relationship where privacy while deucing isn’t a requirement.

I’m firmly in the camp of having a small landing/hallway that leads you to both rooms separately.

Like this:

This way you don’t have too many doors using up wall space in your bedroom, and the ensuite and walk-in closet are still close to each other for easy access.

It’s a win-win!