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Multi-Functional Pantry

Pantries are the superhero of the kitchen. It’s where everything gets shoved out of sight, so messiness isn’t a big deal.

Put a counter inside of it and it becomes a whole other level. Instead of having your toaster and blender out in the main area of the kitchen, put them in the pantry, and shut the door to the view of the toaster crumbs littering the counter.

This pantry takes it even further. These are all floor-to-ceiling cabinets with pull out drawers, a built-in microwave and espresso machine, and a spot in front of a window to put the pearl white Kitchen-aid mixer (which, let’s face it, you only use around the holidays to bake a ridiculous amount of cookies, and it’s too heavy to pull out of a cabinet but looks so nice on the counter). You can even have a cabinet to put your rechargeable stick vacuum. Those handy little buggers.

It’s easily accessed when hauling all the groceries in from the car, and you can quickly grab your toast when rushing out the door. Choose a fun cabinet colour and some sleek pulls, and it really becomes quite a feature.

Who doesn’t love a good pantry??