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Modern Farmhouse Exterior

What makes a home modern farmhouse?

A modern farmhouse exterior typically features a combination of traditional and contemporary elements. Here are some features that are commonly found on modern farmhouse exteriors:

  1. White or neutral-colored siding or stucco
  2. Metal roof or shingles in a neutral color like gray or black
  3. Board and batten siding or shiplap siding
  4. Large front porch with wood or metal accents
  5. Simple, yet bold exterior trim and moldings
  6. Industrial or rustic light fixtures, often with black or bronze finishes
  7. Black or dark-colored window frames
  8. Natural wood or faux wood garage doors
  9. A mix of materials such as brick, stone, or wood accents
  10. Large windows to allow for plenty of natural light.

Overall, a modern farmhouse exterior is designed to be simple and elegant while still paying homage to traditional farmhouse design elements.