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Make Them Say WOW

Curb appeal is incredibly important when designing a new home.

Nobody wants to have a house that people look at and say ‘meh’ while shrugging their shoulders and making that half smile that is apologizing if what they just said is offensive.

You want the house that people drive by and rubberneck just so they can see it longer.

But, how do you do that?

Well, sometimes there is such thing as ‘too much’. Simplicity can be key here. Take this house for example:

If you break it down, it really is just one main two-storey box, with another box on the side for the garage.

Boring, right?

Now add the arch-top wood front doors, a two-storey covered entry with chunky pillars that don’t look undersized for the visual ‘weight’ they carry, banding that draws your eyes from one side to the other, and the stone. Oh, the stone! Just the height of the stone itself makes it look incredibly grounded, like even a bulldozer would get stopped dead pushing up against it.

When you’re thinking of your curb appeal, think about the details. Those are really what make the beholder say ‘WOW’.