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Lux Laundry

Is it just me or is every piece of clothing ‘hang to dry’ these days?

If you were designing your dream laundry room, what would it have?

  • Front loading machines on pedestals?
  • Shelves for your laundry baskets?
  • Pull out drawers for dirty clothes?
  • So much space you can spin around, arms outstretched, and not hit anything?

For one of the most regularly used rooms in the house, it sometimes get the bum end of the deal when it comes to space.

Here’s my solution: Make it a multi-use space.

Take this snippet from a plan I’m working on for example:

It’s no longer just a space to do laundry. It’s also a place to wash the dog, to store Costco-sized packages of paper towels, and easy access to a powder room from the backyard. Plus, look at all that floor space!! Think of all the expandable clothes hanging racks that can fit in that room!