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Don’t Get Burned

When a kitchen is also a thoroughfare (which it seems to be more and more lately), it is always a good idea to think about the appliance layout to prevent injury.

Picture this: the kids have just come home from hockey practice with their dad, they burst through the garage into the mudroom, sling their bags down in the mudroom, and tear through the kitchen with reckless abandon, the first kid looking back at the other one as if they are playing tag. Now also imagine at that exact moment, you are pulling out the sizzling hot prime rib out of the oven. Alternatively, you are grabbing the cheese tray out of the fridge. Which is the safer option when your youngest slams into you (or the appliance) while they are too busy looking behind them? Of course the fridge, and the food items that won’t cause burns.

Here is a kitchen that displays that exact scenario. The mudroom is through the doorway on the right and the rest of the house is to the left of the kitchen. The burning appliance is tucked away into the safety of the kitchen.