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Studied about a million floor plans online but haven't found the perfect one?

Sketched a floor plan and now need it turned into a professional set of blueprints?

See a picture of a house that you love, but need a floor plan to match that also includes your wish list?


Centre Line Home Design

(wearing full spandex and a cape, with fisted hands resting on hips)

The team you need to help you avoid cookie-cutter and create blueprints for the home you've been fantasizing about.

A functional floor plan that works perfectly for your family is the first step.

  • You could pull your hair out in frustration with a generic floor plan
  • You could spend thousands of dollars for rooms that you won't use
  • You could settle for a house that almost gets you what you want.

Or you could get EXACTLY what you want.

No more compromises.

No more settling.

No more negotiating what you can live without.

I'll help you get into the home you've been yearning for so you can start living.

Feel that extreme pride that comes with knowing you designed every last bit of your home; not just the colour of the throw pillows, but the size and layout of each room too.

You'll finally witness one of your long-time goals be fulfilled, and you'll find excuses to invite people over so you can show off what you have accomplished.

Warning: You'll be inviting the delivery man in just so you can do 'the tour' again.


During the initial meeting we will:

  • Dive into your wish list to learn which items are must-haves and which are just nice-to-haves,

  • Examine your inspiration images to really get a sense of your style,

  • Review your property for desirable views (and undesirable ones),

  • Discuss which services would benefit you (Need a budget figure? $2.75 per square foot would give you a ballpark price for a set of plans),

  • And if we are a good fit, collect a 25% deposit to claim your spot in our schedule (cash/cheque/credit accepted; but I draw the line at monopoly money)

Because I don't like to do all the talking...
(I promise none of these people are my mom)

I worked with Centre Line Home Design to get blueprints for a home plan my fiancee and I designed ourselves. Service was prompt, professional, thorough, and very informative. All of our information was exchanged by email which made things efficient and easy, then we picked up our prints at a local affiliate office. Christine exhibited a patient, knowledgable, competence that should be expected, but is seldom practiced in the home construction field. I wish more of the people I'm dealing with during our home build project were like her. I will definitely use and recommend Centre Line Home Design's services in the future! Thanks again!

-Andrae Cutler-Robbins

My husband and I had a completely fantastic experience working with Christine. When we approached her to meet with us to be our potential designer we had some definite home plans in mind but many questions were still keeping us up at night. We were very nervous when it came to finding the right person for this job as we wanted the relationship to feel natural and comfortable. On that first visit everything just clicked. She is not only extremely personable and very easy to talk to to, but she is highly knowledgeable when is comes to her craft of home design. We signed up with her on that first meeting. Christine had our first set of drawings sent to us within a week after our initial meeting. It was great to see just how much she captured after only a few hours going over what we had in mind. The process flowed nicely after that until we were finished tweaking things here and there. Any changes we made were taken care of promptly on Christine's end and she was always good at offering her opinion when we just weren't sure. I would highly recommend Christine to anyone looking to design the home they've seen in their dreams.

-Amber Horvat

Christine was pleasure to work with and did a fantastic job designing our home. We truly apreciated the fact that she incorporated all the features we wanted in our home and suggested new great ones we hadn't thought of. She was quick and thorough with getting back to us on changes we wanted to make and options so that we could have everything just how we wanted it. We can't wait to see our home take shape. Thanks Christine!

-Christina Romney

Centre Line Home Design were quick to come out and discuss our home plans. Christine was a breath of fresh air and had great suggestions for any budget. Christine went over and beyond our expectations and was available to answer questions 24/7! Thank you for making the most important part of our venture easy. We would and will recommend Centre Line Home Design to anyone who is building their dream house.

-Dorothy Lilley

Christine was easy to work with, very responsive, professional, knowledgeable and efficient! We had a very tight timeline and we had no delays with her. Would work with her again! Thanks Christine!

-Aeleena Ryken

Access expert assistance shaping your ideas into a functional floor plan.

Ensure that every square foot is going to be useful, so you don't blow thousands of dollars on wasted space.

Acquire practical advice throughout the design process.

A pretty house is useless if it doesn't work for your lifestyle (and like the best friend that tells you that there's broccoli in your teeth, I'll let you know if an idea won't work in real life).

Avoid sticker shock.

Custom design doesn't have to mean expensive. Where possible, I will suggest ways you can save money without sacrificing space.

Because the fact is:

Nobody ever regrets getting exactly what they want.

Contact me today to get started!


Toll free: 1-888-962-8322