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Here I share the projects that I am currently working on, or that have been newly released to the wild...or for permit, but saying I released them to the wild is much more fun.

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Celebrating Versatility: The Benefits of a House with a Three-Car Garage

A house with a three-car garage offers a myriad of benefits. Firstly, ample parking space for multiple vehicles gives convenience and flexibility for homeowners with larger families. Beyond parking, the extra room in the garage provides storage solutions for outdoor equipment, sports gear, or DIY tools, helping to declutter the basement. Moreover, a three-car garage can be repurposed into a workshop, home gym, or hobby area, adding valuable functional space to the home. Overall, the versatility and practicality of a three-car garage enhance the lifestyle and functionality of any household, making it an attractive feature for potential homeowners.

European Farmhouse – Part 2

Remember a few weeks back my prediction of European Farmhouse being the ‘next big thing’?

Well, this project came across my desk and it is the perfect example!

Rough textured stucco, wood beam lintels, stone that’s more castle-like in shape. Gorgeous!

Elevated Elegance: Soaking in Style

Immerse yourself in the epitome of opulence as you recline beneath the vaulted ceiling above the tub.

The spaciousness of the vaulted ceiling creates an atmosphere of unparalleled luxury, allowing you to unwind in lavish comfort.

Add in a chandelier and a small table to hold your glass of wine, and bathing will never be the same again.

Whimsical Curves

This enchanting home exudes timeless elegance with a transitional flair. Its traditional shape welcomes you with open arms, while delicate romantic curves add a touch of whimsy and charm.

Hidden Garages: Functionality with Curb Appeal

If you have the size of property that allows you to have a side-load garage, please, for the love of all that is delightful in this world, DO IT.

Large garages can offer space for both your cars (without doors hitting each other), as well as a workshop or storage space.


Large garages are an eyesore from the road and can overwhelm your home’s facade, drawing more attention to it than your front door.

Choosing to have the garage load from the side rather than the front offers the potential for a nice window on the front or the chance to add a decorative element.

If you have the space, adding a porte-cochere offers a way to conceal the driveway or parking pad while adding an architectural feature to amp up your curb appeal!

European Farmhouse: The Next Big Thing

Modern farmhouse style had its time (and for the record, I loved it!) but I can see its popularity already starting to wane.

Here’s my ‘Next Big Thing’ prediction: European Farmhouse

Think things like overgrouted stone, board and batten siding, rafter tails, smooth stucco, grey-mixed pastel colours, and wood accents.

A style that is less rustic, more refined, European Farmhouse will be a style that can span decades and still look ‘in style’ because of its timelessness.

Blending Styles

Blending architectural styles is like mixing ingredients for a recipe where different flavors come together to create something deliciously unique. It’s about taking bits and pieces from different design traditions – like the sleek lines of modernism or the cozy charm of rustic cottages – and blending them in unexpected ways. This mashup of styles adds a playful twist to buildings, giving them a personality all their own. It’s not just about following the rules; it’s about breaking them and creating something fresh and exciting. In the end, this mix-and-match approach breathes new life into architecture, making each building a vibrant reflection of its own eclectic personality.

Can you see the European traditional mixed with a coastal vibe in this home?:

Mudrooms for Large Families

A mudroom is an essential space for a large family in any home. With multiple individuals coming and going throughout the day, a designated area for storing outdoor gear, shoes, coats, and other paraphernalia is crucial for maintaining organization and cleanliness.

This home provides ample storage options such as cubbies, hooks, shelves and a walk-in closet, to offer practical solutions for efficiently managing the belongings of each family member, ensuring that everything has its place and can be easily accessed when needed.

The laundry nook gives double-duty to this room with a convenient chute from the second level, allowing the large floor space to be utilized for sorting, or potential for a table to be an island to fold clothes.

Little Accents Make Big Impact

It’s often the small details that transform a house from ordinary to extraordinary when it comes to curb appeal.

Something as simple as a decorative dormer can serve as a charming feature that breaks up the monotony of a roof line. Have a look at the before and after of this home; just adding a small decorative dormer completely changes the appeal of this home!

Small Changes Make Big Differences

The power of one small colour change in residential design should not be underestimated. With a tweak of changing the black roof to a grey roof, this home transforms to a coastal feel, making it at home on a waterfront property.