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Bug off. Not you, the mosquitoes.

You know how you fantasize about sitting outside by a fire, making your finest gourmet s’mores, and just relaxing?

But then when you actually try to do that, all you end up doing is flailing your hands in an effort to keep the mosquitoes away, drastically reducing the “relaxing” part?

Well then have I got the perfect thing for you! (said in your best infomercial announcer voice).

Screened-in porch, my friends, screened-in porch.

Not only do you get to have glorious naps out in the breeze without fear of a spider crawling across your face, but if you live in a wooded area you finally will have a spot away from all the flying insects trying to invade your face-holes at night (or bees trying to get a sip of your margarita)!

Better yet? Install some motorized screens so you can easily hop on and off your porch during the day, and lower the screens at the flick of a switch at night.

Just think of the bed swing you could install. Have you seen those things? If you haven’t, google porch bed swing right now. I promise you won’t be disappointed.