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Bedroom Balconies

Any of my past clients who have requested a balcony off of their bedroom knows: I’m going to push back on it.

Everyone who dreams of a balcony always paints the picture that they will get their morning coffee and go enjoy it on the balcony.

Now let’s look at the reality of that:

You get up.

You shower, get dressed.

You go downstairs.

You get your coffee.

Are you really going to all the way back upstairs just so you can drink your coffee on your balcony? Would you not just go out to your patio on the main level to do that? Or sit on your comfy couch instead?

I joke that unless there is a coffee machine right in your room on a timer, it’s just not going to work the way you think it will.

Well, today someone took my joke to heart.

With a coffee machine on a timer, the freshly brewed cup can wake you up instead of that annoying alarm. Then sip it as you go through the morning motions of getting ready for the day. This was the one time I said ‘okay, a balcony makes sense’.