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Spending seven figures on houses you only settle for is now part of the past.

You’ve already realized that the only way to get exactly what you want in a house is to build it yourself. You’ve purchased the perfect property, your binder of inspirational images looks like a stuffed sausage, and your excitement is overflowing. Now you just need to find someone you can trust to pull your wish list together.

Centre Line Home Design sculpts your house ideas into a functional home soul-mate. Our in-depth questioning exposes the needs for your home and influences our advice on which features are desirable and which ones you’ll be cursing later. We want you to get that giddy smile every time you come home; the one that says “I made this” (or “I just ate a whole bag of hot lips candy”), which is why you are able to revise your plans as much as needed to ensure you’ll end up in a house you are ecstatic about.

When you’re sitting in your screened porch watching the sunset, sipping on red wine, you’ll be able to say you have the perfect house.

Not many people can say the same.


I’m Christine Colebrook and I’m the big cheese here at Centre Line Home Design. I was shot out of the womb planning homes. As a pre-teen girl obsessed with horses I would sit cross-legged on my bed (probably wearing a sweatshirt from Northern Getaway with a puppy on it) with some graph paper and draw out my future horse barn with living quarters. From there I started amassing home plan books, putting in post-it page tabs to easily find my favourites, and creating designs of my own.

Realizing that the next logical step was to get a professional education I completed a diploma in Architectural Technology in 2005, on top of my certificate for Professional CADD earned in 2004 and Architectural Drafting certificate earned in 2003. I was ready to start designing for other people.

The years following have been spent building relationships with clients. Calling them out on the naked stick figures of themselves that they drew into their sketches (and then tried to white-out over), drawing Santa and his reindeer atop their roof for a laugh just before the Christmas season, and conjuring up ideas that make them exclaim “I never even thought of that! I am proud to say that I’ve had some clients proclaim the guest room as mine if I ever wanted to take a trip to their new home’s location. There is no better feeling than knowing that I helped make the most of their hard-earned dollars, just as I would do for myself, and as I will do for you.